SCE Smart Eye Camera
An innovative telemedicine service that aims to provide “accurate” and “humanized” eye care services to “any person” at “any place” with a smartphone, making eye care more accessible.


Spreading the “eye” of ophthalmologists to the world

Smart Eye Camera (SEC) is an ophthalmology medical device that was developed by an active ophthalmologist to solve the problems of the ophthalmology practice in worldwide.
SEC is a smartphone attachment that enables to observe the eyelid, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, lens, and anterior vitreous, as with conventional slit-lamp microscopes, and diagnosis of eye diseases such as cataracts. In addition, SEC enables remote ophthalmology diagnosis using an image filing system with its application.
The development of SEC has made it possible for anyone, anytime, anywhere to perform eye examinations. The number of blindness in the world is 44 million, and it is said that the number will be tripled in 30 years.
More than half of the causes are cataracts, which with proper diagnosis and treatment can restore sight, and OUI Inc. is creating a world without blindness with its portable, high-performance SEC.


Introduction of Smart Eye Camera


Several evidence has been published showing that Smart Eye Camera has equal performance as conventional ophthalmology diagnosis medical devices.
  • スマートフォン診断
    Diagnosis by Smartphone
    Attached externally to a smartphone, and enables ophthalmology examinations. No external light source or batteries are required, and the device can be carried in your pocket. By connecting to the Internet, remote medicine will be possible.
  • 前眼部診療が可能
    Eye disease diagnosis
    Suitable observation to the eyelid, cornea, conjunctiva, anterior chamber, iris, and lens, etc. It can diagnose and evaluate the severity of several ophthalmic diseases such as cataract, dry eye disease, allergic conjunctival disease, and evaluation of anterior chamber depth.
  • 3Dプリンターで製造
    3D Printing
    The Smart Eye Camera is manufactured with a high-precision 3D printer. With no need for batteries and minimal moving parts, it is durable and can be carried anywhere.


  • Direct illumination (Slit light)スリット光診察
  • Diffuse illumination (White light)白色拡散光
  • Blue light illumination青色拡散光

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