Smart Eye Camera Ophthalmology care anytime, anywhere with your smartphone

The Smart Eye Camera (SEC) is an ophthalmic medical device developed by a practicing ophthalmologist to solve problems he encountered in his ophthalmic practice in Japan and developing countries, and successfully commercialized as a medical device. By attaching the SEC to a smartphone, the user can observe the eyelid, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, lens, and vitreous body, as with existing slit-lamp microscopes, and diagnose ophthalmic diseases such as cataracts. The development of the SEC has made it possible for anyone to perform ophthalmologic examinations at any time and from any location. The number of blind people in the world is 44 million, and it is estimated to triple to over 120 million in the next 30 years. More than half of the causes are cataracts, which with proper diagnosis and treatment can restore sight, and OUI Inc. is creating a world without blindness with its portable, high-performance SEC.

capabilities Smart Eye Camera enables

  • Diagnosis by Smartphone

    Ophthalmology Care with Smartphones

    It can be attached externally to the camera of a smartphone to enable ophthalmological examinations. No external light source or batteries are required, and the device can be carried in a pocket. By connecting to the Internet, remote medical care is possible.

  • diagnosing ophthalmologic diseases

    Capable of diagnosing ocular diseases

    The SLIT LAMP model is suitable for observation of the anterior segment of the eye, including the eyelid, cornea, conjunctiva, anterior chamber, iris, and lens, allowing diagnosis and severity evaluation of many ophthalmic diseases such as cataracts, dry eye, allergic conjunctival disease, and evaluation of anterior chamber depth.
    The OPHTHALMOSCOPE model allows observation of the optic nerve papilla and fundus macula without mydriasis.

  • 3D Printing

    Manufactured with a 3D printer

    All Smart Eye Camera models are manufactured with a high-precision 3D printer. They do not require batteries to be inserted and have minimal moving parts, making them durable and portable anywhere.

slit lamp
  • Slit light

    By setting slit parts, it enables diagnosis of cataracts and estimation of anterior chamber depth, as well as narrow corner angles and glaucoma attacks.

  • White diffuse light

    By removing the slit part and blue filter, it allows for the diagnosis of allergic conjunctival disease, as well as fitting of soft contact lenses and other lenses.

  • Blue diffuse light

    A blue filter can be set to diagnose dry eye and herpetic keratitis, as well as orthokeratology fitting.

  • Mydriasis

    The optic nerve papilla and posterior pole can be observed without mydriasis, allowing observation of risk factors for glaucoma, such as optic nerve papillary depression enlargement.

use cases Filming scenery

  • slit_case
    slit lamp

    Slit light

  • white_case
    slit lamp

    White diffuse light

  • blue_case
    slit lamp

    Blue diffuse light

  • ophthalmo_case


youtube YouTube Case Studies

  • slit lamp

    Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis

  • slit lamp

    Dry eye

  • slit lamp

    Posterior capsular cataract

  • ophthalmoscope

    Optic papilla of mydriatic eye

  • slit lamp

    Punctate superficial keratoconus

  • slit lamp

    Giant parietal conjunctivitis

clinical researches Clinical research underway for new development and evidence generation

  • UMIN000040321 既存の眼科画像を用いた人工知能による画像診断支援システムの実証

    (慶應義塾大学医学部 倫理委員会)
  • UMIN000043211 人工知能を用いた眼科画像解析

    (慶應義塾大学医学部 倫理委員会)
  • 人工知能を利用した前眼部画像解析アプリケーションの開発


evidences Clinical Evidence