Members OUI Inc.


  • 清水 映輔 / Eisuke Shimizu

    清水 映輔 / Eisuke Shimizu

    Chief Executive Officer, founder (MD,PhD)

    Ophthalmologist, MD and PhD. Bilingual in Japanese and English. Specialized in Dry Eye Disease. Co-founder of OUI Inc. in 2016. During medical support activities in Viet nam, discovered problems in eye care, and commercialized the Smart Eye Camera as a solution. He is also involved in basic research using animal models. Currently, project Lecturer at Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine.

  • 中山 慎太郎 / Shintaro Nakayama

    中山 慎太郎 / Shintaro Nakayama

    Chief Operating Officer

    Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law. Former COO/Vice President of Cross Fields. Experience in infrastructure projects in developing countries for 10 years in Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Mitsubishi Corporation, Joined OUI Inc. from 2019. Speaks 4 languages: Japanese/English/Spanish/French. Currently, researcher at Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine.

  • 横岩 良太 / Ryota Yokoiwa

    横岩 良太 / Ryota Yokoiwa

    Chief Hardware Engineer

    D. in Design Engineering from Kyoto Institute of Technology. He has worked in digital fabrication at FabLab Setagaya and TechShop Japan, Inc. and joined OUI Inc. in 2020.

  • 西村 裕樹 / Hiroki Nishimura

    西村 裕樹 / Hiroki Nishimura

    Research Associate, Certified Orthoptist (MSc)

    Graduated from Teikyo University, Faculty of Medical Technology. Master of Optometry and Master of Optometry. As a researcher at Teikyo University, Faculty of Medical Technology, he was involved in a wide range of research fields including refraction, visual field, and gaze analysis, focusing on basic research on digital devices using smart phones. He joined OUI Inc. in 2023. He is a researcher at the Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine.

  • 戸澤 小春 / Koharu Tozawa

    戸澤 小春 / Koharu Tozawa

    Business Associate

    Currently a student at the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University. Her second language is Korean (Chosun), and she has passed the Korean Language Proficiency Test TOPIK Level 6. She has been working at OUI Inc. since 2021.

  • Rohan Jeetendra Khemlani

    Rohan Jeetendra Khemlani

    Research Associate (MD)

    Dr. Rohan is a culturally diverse medical professional, born to Indian parents and raised in both Russia and Japan. He attended Semmelweis University's English Medical program in Budapest, Hungary. With a strong interest in genetics, immunology, big data, and AI-driven analysis, Dr. Rohan brings a broad perspective to the medical device start-up team. As an extroverted people-person, his unique background and linguistic abilities in English, Russian, and Hindi have honed his communication skills, making him a great communicator and valuable team member.

  • 吉次 研二 / Kenji Yoshitsugu

    吉次 研二 / Kenji Yoshitsugu

    AI Engineer

    CEO of a game development company that has been in business for 35 years, and a 3rd year doctoral student at the University of Hyogo Graduate School. He is currently researching medical imaging AI as SaMD (Software as Medical Device). At OUI Inc., he is in charge of diagnostic imaging AI for the anterior segment of the eye. He has presented his research at the Ophthalmic AI Society and the Japan Eye Association.

  • 佐藤 奈緒子 / Naoko Sato

    佐藤 奈緒子 / Naoko Sato

    Business Strategy Manager (MBA)

    Graduated from Chuo University Graduate School (MBA). After working for a major travel agency as the head of a corporate sales organization handling overseas tours and overseas expansion support and new business development in Vietnam, she joined OUI Inc. in 2020. She is also a part-time lecturer at Komazawa Women's University, where she gives lectures on tourism business.

  • 鹿嶋 一成 / Issei Kashima

    鹿嶋 一成 / Issei Kashima

    Sales Manager

    Graduated with International Business major from Augsburg College (MN, USA). Study abroad term at Sophia University (Tokyo, JP) Former sales in SoftBank Corp., 5 years experience in International Sales, Joined OUI Inc. from 2019. He is also a professional ice-hockey player of the Yokohama GRITS (#13)

  • 濱島 尚人 / Naoto Hamashima

    濱島 尚人 / Naoto Hamashima

    Business Development Manager

    Graduated from Cornell University. After working for IT planning division at a Japanese SIer and a foreign logistics company, currently works for In 2020, he joined OUI Inc. He is also a professional ice-hockey player of the Yokohama GRITS (#51) and the Chief Operating Officer of ABeatus Inc.

  • 小山 恵蓮 / Helene Koyama

    小山 恵蓮 / Helene Koyama

    Public Relations Manager

    Graduated from Sophia University. Bilingual in Japanese and French. After working in marketing at Cybozu, Inc., she launched and supported public relations for several startups. She joined OUI Inc. in 2020.

  • 豊澤 彩乃 / Ayano Toyosawa

    豊澤 彩乃 / Ayano Toyosawa

    Responsible for East Africa

    Graduated from the Japan Women's College of Physical Education, and after 2 years in Uganda as a JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, she worked in education in East Africa after teaching and social experience in Japan. She joined OUI Inc. in 2022.

  • 中原 楊 / Yo Nakahara

    中原 楊 / Yo Nakahara

    Intern / Keio University School of Medicine

    Trilingual in Japanese, Chinese and English. Currently a student at Keio University School of Medicine. After working as an engineer and new business development intern at a digital health venture company, he is currently conducting research on medical AI at the Department of Augmented Intelligence at Keio University School of Medicine (MD-PhD) and has joined OUI Inc. as a research assistant.

  • 小島 祐依 / Yui Kojima

    小島 祐依 / Yui Kojima

    Intern / Nippon Medical School

    Currently a medical student at Nippon Medical School. Aiming to become a doctor who can transform her clinical, research, and business activities, he studied medical business in an entrepreneurial organization while conducting research in a university laboratory.She joined OUI Inc. as an intern in 2022.

  • 石丸 莉奈 / Rina Ishimaru

    石丸 莉奈 / Rina Ishimaru

    Intern / Keio University School of Medicine

    Currently a student at Keio University School of Medicine. While studying basic medical science at the university, he joined an entrepreneurial organization and a financial organization at the University of Tokyo to learn about business startups and business. She joined OUI Inc. as an intern in 2021.