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OUI Inc. is a company founded by 3 Japanese ophthalmologists with the goal to overcome world blindness by combining their knowledge in the field with new ideas to push the development of healthcare. Please click here for the Introduction for Collaboration

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Smart Eye Camera

Smart Eye Camera

Spread the ophthalmologists' view to the world

Blindness continues to remain a major problem worldwide.WHO announced that at least a billion people have a visual impairment that can be prevented or has yet to be addressed. Over half of these blindness incidents were caused by cataracts.

We found that one of the major problems is that there is no diagnostic device in the areas where blindness is increasing.Therefore, we invented a solution that has the potential to overcome this problem. The solution, Smart Eye Camera (SEC), is a smart phone attachment that can record and evaluate ophthalmological images and video to help make a diagnosis online.

SEC makes it possible diagnose diseases in the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, cystal lens and anterior vitreus due to its portable slit-lamp comparable to that of professional grade slit-lamp microscope... all within a smart phone attachment.It is a Japan approved medical device, with some of the toughest regulations worldwide, that was invented through the wisdom of the OUI Inc. founded doctors.

Scientific Evidences

1. Animal experiment (Shimizu E, Ogawa Y, Yazu H, Aketa N, et al. Plos One. 2019)
2. Clinical trial for cataract (Yazu H, Shimizu E, et al. Diagnostics. 2020)
3. Clinical trial for anterior chamber depth and iridocorneal angle (Shimizu E, Yazu H, Aketa N, Yokoiwa R, et al. Sensors. 2021)
4. Clinical trial for Allergic Conjunctival Diseases (Yazu H, Shimizu E, et al. Diagnostics. 2021; 11(3):535.)


A promotion video of
OUI Inc. and Smart Eye Camera

Case series recorded by SEC

  1. Catract

  2. Dry eye disease

  1. Giant papillary conjunctivitis

  2. Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis

This video was created by our 3D printing production partner,
HP Inc; SEC is made from HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer

SEC Brochure


  1. Eisuke Shimizu

    CEO, Co-Founder, MD, PhD

    Ophthalmologist.Project associated lecturer at the Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine.
    Research Associate in the Department of Ophthalmology Keio University School of Medicine. Speciality: Dry Eye Disease and Ocular Allergic Disease.
    Co-founded OUI Inc. in 2016.
    Achievement as a researcher

  2. Hiroyuki Yazu

    Director, Co-Founder, MD, PhD

    Ophthalmologist. Full-time lecturer at the Department of Ophthalmology, Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine.
    Ocular Allergic Disease specialist in the Department of Ophthalmology Keio University School of Medicine.Speciality: Cataract Surgery, Dry Eye Disease, Ocular Allergic Disease.
    Co-founded OUI Inc. in 2016.
    Achievement as a researcher

  1. Naohiko Aketa

    Co-Founder, MD, PhD

    Ophthalmologist. Corneal specialist at the Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine.Speciality Area: Cataract Surgery and Corneal transplantation. Graduated from School of Medicine, Keio University. Co-founded OUI Inc. in 2016.

  1. Akito Sakasegawa

    Business Strategy Manager

    Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law. Former Manager of the New Business Development in Wantedly, Inc. Joined OUI Inc. from 2019.

  2. Shintaro Nakayama

    VP of Global Business

    Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law. Former COO/Vice President of Cross Fields. Experience in infrastructure projects in developing countries for 10 years in Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Mitsubishi Corporation, Joined OUI Inc. from 2019.

  1. Issei Lawrence Kashima

    Sales Manager

    Graduated with International Business major from Augsburg College (MN, USA). Study abroad term at Sophia University (Tokyo, JP) Former sales in SoftBank Corp., 4 years experience in International Sales, Joined OUI Inc. from 2019.

  2. Naoko Sato

    Business Strategy Chief

    Graduated from Gakushuin Women's College. Corporate sales in the major travel agency and resided in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Joined OUI Inc. from 2020.


  1. Press Release


    Research paper has been published in the journal “Translational Vision Science & Technology”

  2. Press Release


    Started Planning New Pilot in the Republic of Guinea

  3. Press Release


    Launching new pilot projects in Kenya!

  4. Press Release


    Research paper has published in the journal “Diagnostics”

  5. Press Release


    Launching of an ophthalmology project for Indios in Brazil

  6. Press Release


    Research paper has published in the journal “Sensors”

  7. Press Release


    OUI Inc. won “Real Tech Catapult” at ICC FUKUOKA 2021

  8. Report


    SEC Online Training for Mozambique Expansion!

  9. Conference Presentation


    Conference Presentation: Japan Cornea Conference 2021

  10. Press Release


    OUI Inc. selected by IFC’s TechEmerge Health East Africa!!

  11. Report


    OUI Inc. has won Tokyo Venture Championship 2020!!!

  12. News


    SEC will visit Democratic Republic of the Congo!!!

  13. Media


    Released Our New Promotion Movie!

  14. Report


    Appeared on the POC Diagnostics session in TechEmerge Health East Africa Innovation Summit

  15. Media


    Update: OUI Inc. will appear in the Panel of Point of Care Diagnostics in IFC TechEmerge Health East Africa Innovation Summit!!

  16. Media


    Awarded as Eye health hero 2020 changemaker from IAPB

  17. Media


    Release of promotion video of OUI Inc./Smart Eye Camera!!

  18. Publication


    1st clinical paper of the Smart Eye Camera was published!!

  19. News


    OUI Inc. got selected as finalists of IFC TechEmerge Health East Africa!!

  20. News


    SEC is now applicable to iPhone8 and iPhone SE!

  21. News


    Debut on FutureIoT, international IoT media from Singapore!!

  22. Press Release


    NEWS RELEASE: Smart Eye Camera got listed in the Valued Supplier List of IAPB for the first time as a medical device from Japanese Corporate

  23. Report


    Courtesy Visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique in Japan

  24. Report


    Event Report: Special Conference “The Expected Role of Startups from Medical School in Republic of Malawi”

  25. News


    Introduction of SEC on youtube!

  26. News


    SEC Visited Nairobi!!

  27. News


    The first encounter of Smart Eye Camera in Africa!!

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    Vietnam Volunteer Surgeries

  29. Publication


    OUI Inc. participated in 32nd APACRS in Kyoto, Japan

  30. Publication


    First original article about Smart Eye Camera

  31. Publication


    The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology annual meeting 2019